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Lifestyle Advisor Service

Lifestyle Advisor Service Worcestershire
Citizens Advice - South Worcestershire

Sabine and Sally are the workers for the new Lifestyle Advisor Service based at Citizens Advice in Malvern. The key areas we focus on are weight management, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, improved wellbeing and becoming more active. We work with clients for a period of up to 6 months by setting goals with them and creating a plan to support positive change. We work with clients in a way they are most comfortable with including telephone, web-based interviews and face to face appointments when Covid restrictions permit.

If you are aged 18+ and registered with a Malvern GP surgery (Malvern Health Centre, New Court Surgery, St Saviours Surgery or Whiteacres Medical Centre) you can ask your GP or health professional for a referral, or you can get in touch with Sabine or Sally directly:

Sabine Spires - 07932 387145
(Tues, Weds, Fri)

Sally Godsland- 07932 387120.
(Mon, Weds, Thurs)

You can also find a self-referral form here: